Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 In Review

So, there we have it.  'Another year over, a new one just begun ...' as John Lennon once sang.  It's only two days into 2015 and already I've ditched last year and am plotting and scheming for the next twelve months.  I will take down this years (rather lovely) Christmas tree tomorrow (I can hear you gasp at my breaking of tradition for not holding out til the 6th, but I'm back to work proper on Monday and frankly, it's getting very dusty.  Time to go.  Out to the hens, to give them a new bit of greenery to peck at in these barren January days.

Given that I'm so focused on the coming year, I'm not feeling reflective.  Maybe not the best head space to be in to write a reflective piece.  On the other hand, it may cut out the romantic, rose tinted thoughts that I had in the weeks running up to Christmas.

Lots of good things happened in 2014.
I started drawing again, after a few years without as much as a doodle on a serviette.  All thanks to Lizzie Longwill's 30 Day Sketch Challenge.  It was a really simple idea - draw something, anything, take a photo and upload onto a Facebook page.  Seeing the drawings of others, many of whom I had never met, was great fun.  I made three drawings of wedding bouquets as wedding presents.  I felt like I was back in the saddle.  But I soon fell off - life became very busy and my pencils were temporarily shelved.  In my work capacity, I am surrounded by artists, many of whom are living on air, who have dedicated their lives to making art. I sometimes feel a bit of a failure about this regard.

But onwards and upwards ! I've two more drawings of wedding bouquets to make.  The guilt is getting the better of me now.  I'll pick up that pencil, root out my water colours very soon ... If I ever remember to buy 'day cent' paper ...

After a life time of being a 'walker', I did a 5km run in Athy during the summer, only because our visiting Spanish student wanted to participate.  As detailed in an earlier blog 'Run Lola Run', I got a great buzz out of it.  My morning stroll became a jog and then a run.  I always felt good after a walk, but felt exhilarated after a run.  When I came home, I felt like going back out and running again.  Sadly, my running regime was short lived.  I had a nasty fall one Sunday morning - the one time I didn't bring my phone with me - and made bits of one of my knees.  I X rays showed up no damage, but for months afterwards, putting my foot on the clutch in the car caused me great pain.  I'm itching to get running again.


brothers wedding

21st April

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