Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Today, I  chose …
To get up at 7am and pick white roses from the garden, instead of having my much talked about, longed-for lie in.

Fashion over practicality and wore black waxed jeans.  I looked fabulous, while sweating like a pig.
To send my children to a summer camp, instead of hanging with them (and I admit it, it was purely for ME time and not for them to spend time with their friends, although that was a bonus, obviously).

Wine over green tea at lunchtime and felt suitably decadent.

Vitamin D over sunscreen and now feel a little stingy.

A long walk, instead of a run, to avoid further sweating like a pig (although I guess that I could have just changed my trousers).

To only check my work emails once and not follow up on any of them.  Now, that’s progress !

To turn my ‘thinking chair’ into an outdoor writing space – my first al fresco blog, woo hoo !

To generously water my garden, meter-free.  If you Irish Water customers wish to gripe, I’ll swap my septic tank associated bills (e400 this year) with you.  And guilt free too, as I am an eco-bunny at heart and do rain water collection too, okay ?

To trample into the house with mucky flip flops and not wash the floors.  As my Nana Bride used to say, 'unwashed dishes won't melt.'

To weed my flower beds (as much as one could in the heat) and resisted the temptation to go out and buy more plants.

To not fight with the children over their 5-a-Day, or protein intake.  It’s pasta and pesto for tea.  Both red and green pesto.  That’s balance, right ?

To eat a cream pie and not offer one to my children, even though there were three in the packet.
To NOT break up a fight between a hen and a cat, who were looking for crumbs from my outdoor table.  Vicious it was, vicious ! 

To wear flip flops while gardening.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but my feet now require powerhosing.

To not eat the black bits in a banana to set a good example to the children.  No explanation required.
Wine over food for tea, because it’s my holidays !!


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